One Man’s Journey to Weight Loss.

If you are looking for information on weight loss surgery this is only one man’s journey.  Let me recommend you start at Life before weight loss surgery then onto a little history of what started my journey Heart Attach or Not.  Below is a basic image of what a sleeve gastrectomy looks like.  Hope you enjoy and if you are on a weight loss journey good luck to you.  If you are looking at weight loss surgery just know it is nothing to be ashamed of just do you homework on the various surgeries being offered.  Vertical Sleeve is the one I chose or should I say was recommended by my doctor for the least amount of time on the table due to my heart issues.



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Just Say No During Weight Loss Surgery Holidays

chicken stir fry with brown rice

Even though it has been three years since my vertical gastractomy weight loss surgery I still do not eat narrowly what I use to.  Yes I am eating more than a couple of bites.  I had the pleasure of helping a relative on her first Thanksgiving since having bariatric weight loss surgery (RNY).   I watched her eat and stir  her food like all of us have done that have had weight loss surgery.  I keep a vigil eye on her and after a few to many bites I could see she was not able to figure out away to get away from the table.  I made up an excuse to get her and I away from the Thanksgiving feast.  She thanked me and we talked about not being afraid to get up away from the table and if she wanted to return after digesting a little.

Even after three years I excuse myself from the table all the time.  I have to just walkaway from food.  If I don’t I  will eat myself sick and that is not a pretty site.  My recommendation to anyone that has just had weight loss surgery and this is your first holiday season is to Just Say NO!

Don’t be afraid to get up and get away from the situation.  Otherwise it will be more embarrsing to have a problem right at the table.  With this in mind

Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays which ever makes you more comfortable.

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Iced Coffee with sugar-free and coffee ice cubes

I notice going on the three years since having weight loss surgery that I like coffee drinks. However I do not want to have all the sugars associated with the big coffee retailers. I found that if you have coffee and add sugar-free chocolate or sugar-free vanilla the only sugars you wind up with are from the dairy. Here is the key to keeping it low in sugars. Most coffee houses and baristas will use 1% or fat free milk. I highly recommend using breve (half-n-half) instead as it has a lot less sugars.

sugar-free iced coffee

Try it sometime you might just enjoy the test.

Try making it at home to help save $3 to $5 a pop. Found this how-to video (click image) trick you might find interesting. It talks about using coffee ice cubes to help keep you iced coffee from getting watered down. Nice tip here!



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2007-Feb-27 Weight Loss Surgery Progress Update

Good morning all:

Today is Tuesday my typical weigh-in day to chart my weight loss surgery update. As of this morning I weight 174 pounds. I have been holding steady right between 174 and 180. Not to bad for a guy that was 359.5 pounds in May 2005.

Have a great day and see you online.

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Protein Blended Mocha Beverage

Wanted to list my protein drink that I make every morning. I loved mocha frappuccino from that big retailer but they are loaded with sugar. Here is my alternative

Jeff Protein Blended Mocha Beverage
1/4 cup (2oz) – Half caffein coffee
2 scoops – Protein Powder (EAS Premium Protein)
1/4 cup – Half & Half
2 Tbsp – Sugar Free Chocalote syurp (Torani)
Blend well

Makes about 16 oz mug of cool refreshing protein beverage

Here are the specs on this drink.
300 calories
110g Cholestrol
4g Sugars
30g Protein
65g Sodium
200g Potassium
9.5g Fat
0 Fiber
7 pts for Weight Watchers

Lower in sugar and high in Protein is what I look out for due to my weight loss surgery. Just wanted to share this since I finally figured it all out. I some times substitute half caff with decaf


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