What if Barry Bonds Ate More Protein?

I got out of the house and rode with my Dad today.  It was a nice ride to Weaverville to get a pool permit. We had a chance to just talk about stuff.

I weighed in at 296.8 pounds today. I ate part of one scrambled egg for breakfast. I had a couple of pieces of jerky chunks for lunch. Then had left over taco dip that Brittany made. I made a protein drink this afternoon and it was not to bad, it was chocolate.  Spoke to Sharon with California Pacific Medical Center today and we discussed all sorts of things.  Overall sounds like I am doing pretty good on my food and water. I need to try and get more protein in for the day.  I should be averaging 60-80 grams a day.

Today is a great day, Barry Bonds is back in the line up for the San Francisco Giants.  Just watched Barry Bonds hit a double (hit the top of the fence in center) on his first at bat since being out with and injury last September. Go GIANTS!

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