Iced Coffee with sugar-free and coffee ice cubes

I notice going on the three years since having weight loss surgery that I like coffee drinks. However I do not want to have all the sugars associated with the big coffee retailers. I found that if you have coffee and add sugar-free chocolate or sugar-free vanilla the only sugars you wind up with are from the dairy. Here is the key to keeping it low in sugars. Most coffee houses and baristas will use 1% or fat free milk. I highly recommend using breve (half-n-half) instead as it has a lot less sugars.

sugar-free iced coffee

Try it sometime you might just enjoy the test.

Try making it at home to help save $3 to $5 a pop. Found this how-to video (click image) trick you might find interesting. It talks about using coffee ice cubes to help keep you iced coffee from getting watered down. Nice tip here!



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  1. lisa says:

    thanks for sharing this video! i’m off to make some cubes right now!

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