Heart Echogram

I had a heart appointment today and my ejection fraction is about 47% that is up from last test. I was hoping for higher at least in the 50% range. Trying to not be discouraged about that result but tough.  I know I should be grateful that I still have my original heart and not taking 50 different medications.  My cardiologist said if my ejection fraction was above 50% we could talk about taking my defibrillator out.  I will keep you informed as I get more information thank you for reading.

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December Weight Loss Update

Good day to all:

It’s been awhile again, I tend to go days, weeks and months in between post. Quick weight loss update I am now 177 pounds. If you have been following my weight loss progress you know that is amazing weight loss. My health has been doing great. My heart is rebounding like it should be. I see my heart doctor in January and look forward to a great update from him

I went to Salt Lake City for three days to replace a server. The trip was quick but a great one. The swap went off without any issues and we had a few of the key people praise us for a good turn over

Everything else is going okay for the most part. You know with 4 kids life is always fun.  Especially with 2 teenagers, a 9 year old, and a baby. We need a bigger house to accommodate everyone.

For now I will leave it at that and try to send a new weight loss surgery update tomorrow with more details. Take care and have a great week.

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1 Year Weight Loss Surgery Pictures

Almost forgot to add my one year, to the day since weight loss surgery, photos. Here I am 134 pounds lighter 1 year after weight loss surgery.

One Year after weight loss surgery

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Gained 5.5 Pounds During Labor Day Weekend

Good morning all:

Just had a nice relaxing three day Labor Day weekend.  It was nice, we did absolutely nothing.  The only bad part of the weekend is the fact that I grazed all weekend.  Due to this unusually bad habit I gained 5.5 pounds.  Yes that is correct 5.5 pounds after weight loss surgery.  This is so not me it makes me sick thinking about it.  I completely deserve it and brought it on myself.

I need to find better things to do with my time then eat or as I call it grazing.  The reason I call it grazing is because I don’t actually eat much but a little bit a lot of times in the day.  I need to start focusing on 3 meals a day and maybe 2 smaller snacks in between.  Since I don’t eat a lot at a meal a snack would be okay.  I don’t eat sugar items and I try to watch my carbohydrates.  The only bad thing is I eat nuts and cheese its a lot.  The nuts are okay I suppose but the cheese its are not so good.  This eating is all in my head and I know it and that is what frustrates me the most about it.  I am not hungry but just for some reason need to have something to eat all the time.  I am not sure why I feel that way but I need to get to the bottom of it soon.

Other than that the weekend was nice.  Brandon went camping all weekend and had a good time.  Brittany had to work all weekend and she did not much care for that.  Adriana hung out with Tammy and I all weekend

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Defibrillator check up

Good afternoon all:

Had my defibrillator checked just a little bit ago. They said everything looked good and had no issues. They saw one spot where the unit went into monitor mode. It did not go off (luckily) so they were not to worried about it.  The technician can not believer my progress after weight loss surgery.

I don’t have to get the device checked but every 6 months. So now I have my heart doctor and defibrillator check up at the same time which makes it nice. Have a great day everyone and watch out for the heat.

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