Protein Blended Mocha Beverage

Wanted to list my protein drink that I make every morning. I loved mocha frappuccino from that big retailer but they are loaded with sugar. Here is my alternative

Jeff Protein Blended Mocha Beverage
1/4 cup (2oz) – Half caffein coffee
2 scoops – Protein Powder (EAS Premium Protein)
1/4 cup – Half & Half
2 Tbsp – Sugar Free Chocalote syurp (Torani)
Blend well

Makes about 16 oz mug of cool refreshing protein beverage

Here are the specs on this drink.
300 calories
110g Cholestrol
4g Sugars
30g Protein
65g Sodium
200g Potassium
9.5g Fat
0 Fiber
7 pts for Weight Watchers

Lower in sugar and high in Protein is what I look out for due to my weight loss surgery. Just wanted to share this since I finally figured it all out. I some times substitute half caff with decaf


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